Bumper Cars

Exciting and fun bumper cars await your enjoyment. Each car seats two persons, if you have a passenger, they would also be required to pay for time spent in the car. Absolutely no pregnant women are allowed in the bumper cars, also walking on the very smooth surface of the bumper cars platform is prohibitted. An operator is always present to ensure your safety.

Dinner Reservations in Food Court

Would you like to have a section of our food court reserved for dinner with your family, friends or co-workers ? Contact us to make a reservation, we will need to know how many guests you are having, their food, drinks and dessert choices, and time of arrival. Speak to our manager, we can assist with your planning. Advance bookings are necessary, call first to arrange a meeting.

Facilitation of Customers who perform daily prayer

At Playdium we welcome people of all religions. We are aware some patrons pray multiple times during the day like our Muslim brothers and sisters; we would like to provide a quiet and private space for this activity. The party room can be used for this purpose once it's available, if not, staff members can direct you to an alternative area.

Food Catering Service (available to regular citizens and small - large companies)

Playdium has an impressive kitchen that meets and surpasses international standards. We provide food for small, medium and very large events. Let us prepare the food for your event, come in and meet with us. You can select from our menu list, or discuss your preferred dishes with our chef. You are welcome to visually inspect our kitchen and ask as many questions until you are satisfied. You can choose to pick up the food at Playdium on the day of your event and have your private staff serve the meals, or have us provide serving staff.

Gift Vouchers

We provide gift vouchers to companies which are redeemable for food and games, snacks etc. The vouchers are prepared immediately upon payment. Individuals may also purchase vouchers to be used as presents etc. The minimum value is $100.00 TT. Please contact us for more information.

Rental of Playdium for Company Party or Family Day

Due to numerous requests, Playdium now hosts Company Parties and Family Day for small, medium and large companies. You may be able to secure the whole of Playdium for a period of time to be determined by the manager. You can also opt for a reserved private space for your employees and their kids. Contact us and speak to the manager for further information.

School Field Trips

Schools, Summer Camps and other institutions planning a field trip to Playdium should contact us in advance if special preparations are required. If a large number of students would be visiting, we would need to know how many of them require meals, the type, arrival time etc. If you all have a field trip close by, and decide to make a short visit to Playdium, you can take advantage of our Snack Pack Special which consists of 2 pieces fried chicken and fries for $30.00.

Token Prices

Token(s) Cost
1 $2.00

Please insert exact money in the token dispensers, the machines don't provide change. Save your tickets and redeem them at the front desk for exciting prizes. Token prices are fixed, we do not have discounted token packages.

Address: South Trunk Road, La Romain, Trinidad. (Anand Low Price Compound)
Opening Hours: Everyday (Sunday to Sunday), including public holidays. From 10:30AM to 10:00PM
Telephone: 1-868-657-2385